What does responsible betting mean?

As a human being, each one of us can have their weak points. Some people like drinking, others – smoking or gambling but here comes the question: Is it possible to do it somehow responsibly?

Here we will focus especially on betting due to the fact that nowadays there are too many opportunities for earning “easy money” provided by all the sites on the internet.

To begin with, we have to make the difference between non-regulated and regulated markets. The first ones are spread mainly around Asia, while the second ones are strictly observed by gambling commissions around Europe or the USA whose roles are to protect customers` rights and help them in case of addiction towards sports or casino betting. The UK is one of the best examples where there is absolutely no chance for a site to get a license if it does not comprise a number of policies. The idea of this is to make users` experience entertaining instead of threatening by risking more than what they can afford. The means that a customer can impose on their profile in such cases can be:

  • Reality check – you can set a frequency to receive a display of the time elapsed since your browsing session started;
  • Time-out facility – if you feel like having a short break from placing bets, you can simply use this option to get your account “asleep” for 24 hours;
  • Self-exclusion – this feature can prevent you from betting for a longer period, such as 6 months or even forever. You might be able to log in only, depending on the sites` requirements;
  • Limitations – you have the chance to set daily, weekly or monthly deposit, betting or loss limits and you can even combine them.

There’s more to it

Some other aspects of responsible gambling are the protection of underage gaming, information privacy, and secure online environment. That is why the so-called KYC flow exists. KYC stands for “know your customer” and it is pretty logical as during registration you are asked to present official documents such as a passport, a driving license or an ID card. The operator strictly preserves this data as a reliable software platform is developed and monitored 24/7.

In addition, there are organizations which offer an external self-exclusion, which means that if a particular user finds he has a serious problem, he can register in that platform and he will be immediately linked to all other betting sites and prevented from future losses.

To sum up, the first step for each individual is to try to keep their self-control as much as possible. If this seems to be a tough task, the good news is that they can always find a way to escape by the features mentioned above, which are enabled on each regulated site. What is more, there are also third-party organizations which remain at our disposal in relation to betting and gambling issues. So the answer seems to be: Yes, we can be responsible even when having fun.

Source : betgol.pl